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My first interest in plants came when I was a freshman in college in Biology 101 class. From there, I decided to go and work for a greenhouse to see if it was something I could see myself doing for a living. It turned out that I loved the work so much that I decided that I would go to the University of Kentucky Horticulture School to learn in depth about plants and what it takes to grow them. Stephen has a degree in Horticulture and Lincoln has a degree in Civil Engineering.

After graduation, I took a job as a salesman so that I could travel up to Ohio and see all the big greenhouses. I was eager to learn every bit I could about the business so that one day I could run my own successful business. Soon after starting as a salesman, the company I was working for changed directions and another opportunity presented itself. Around this time, another salesman came to me and told me about someone that was looking to retire and get out of the business because he knew I was looking to get in. 

When we came to La Grange in 1989, we had about 15,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses and were growing only cut flowers and some poinsettias. Today, we have about 50,000 square feet of greenhouses and no longer grow cut flowers. We now grow annuals and perennials for the spring, mums in the fall, and poinsettias for the Christmas season.

We start almost all of our plants from seed or unrooted cuttings and propagate / root them ourselves. We then transplant them and grow them into the finished product for you to buy. Call Goodwin Greenhouse today for fast and efficient customer service!
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